Cool Springs



Nepalese Lokta Paper

“Cool Springs”

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The journal cover is created with Nepalese Lokta paper, which comes from the Lokta, or Daphne, bush that grows throughout the majestic Himalayas.  When properly cropped, the bush can regenerate in 3-7 years.  Tibetan monks first used Lokta paper 1000 years ago to transcribe their sacred texts, and some of those original documents are still in existence today.  Lokta paper is strong and durable.  

These eco-friendly papers are hand-marbled in  cool shade of green, with gold accents, to create a beautifully unique design.  Hand-marbling is the process of taking a sheet of paper and dipping it into a tray of water that holds various colors of dyes or paints.  These dyes or paints float on top of the water and are swirled with a stick to create unique patterns on each sheet of paper.  

Crush paper pages are slightly textured and off-white, and are made with by-products that would normally head for the landfill, i..e citrus fruits, corn, olives, coffee, etc. along with 30% post-consumer recycled waste.  The paper is made using 100% green energy, and the company claims to reduce the carbon footprint by 20%.