Thai Kozo Momi Paper


Earthquake Journal – Choose your Size/Paper

The journal cover is created with Thai Kozo Momi paper, which comes from the bark of the fast-growing mulberry tree in Thailand. Momi refers to a type of Kozo (mulberry) paper that has a soft, crinkled texture.  All types of Kozo fibers are strong and durable.  

These eco-friendly papers are hand-marbled in lovely hues  of blues and greens, with black and gold accents, to create a beautifully unique design.  Hand-marbling is the process of taking a sheet of paper and dipping it into a tray of water that holds various colors of dyes or paints.  These dyes or paints float on top of the water and are swirled with a stick to create unique patterns on each sheet of paper.  

Crush paper pages are slightly textured and off-white, and are made with by-products that would normally head for the landfill, i..e citrus fruits, corn, olives, coffee, etc. along with 30% post-consumer recycled waste.  The paper is made using 100% green energy, and the company claims to reduce the carbon footprint by 20%.